Oklahoma House Bill 2020 moves on to Senate; would restrict politicians' gun control promotion

OKLAHOMA CITY - A bill that would restrict a politician's ability to promote gun control measures overwhelmingly passed the state House Thursday.

Rep. Sean Roberts, who co-authored House Bill 2020, says the intent of the legislation is to prohibit the use of taxpayer money for gun control advocacy.

"This bill will prevent taxpayer dollars from going to gun control efforts," said Roberts, R-Hominy. "Here in Oklahoma, we believe in the Second Amendment."

Broken into three parts, the bill would make it illegal for anyone in political office to: 

  1. Use "publicity or propaganda" to promote gun control. The distribution of pamphlets, booklets, publication, or radio, television or video presentations would also be disallowed
  2. Pay anyone to influence the enactment of gun control legislation
  3. Advocating for "any proposed, pending or future federal, state or local tax increase related to gun control

READ THE BILL (http://bit.ly/WKxzYt)

The bill, which passed 83-7, now heads to the state Senate for consideration. 

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