Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin introduces new tobacco petition website aimed at secondhand smoke

OKLAHOMA CITY - Gov. Mary Fallin announced her plans to put tobacco reform to a vote of the people Tuesday, a day after legislation designed to give local government that authority failed in the Senate.

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The governor, surrounded by by state leaders and health professionals, spoke on the hazards of secondhand smoke in an Oklahoma City press conference Tuesday afternoon.

"Improving health and wellness in Oklahoma is a priority for me," Fallin said. "Any plan that seeks to improve health outcomes will have to address tobacco."

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Fallin also unveiled Dontsmokeonme.com, a site still in the beginning stages, but expected to host the signatures of those petitioning for stricter secondhand smoke measures.

The exact wording of the petition has not been released, but the governor did allude to the banning of smoking in Oklahoma bars and restaurants.

"It's time to let voters decide whether or not they want clean air in public places like bars and restaurants," she said at the conference. "I believe the answer will be ‘yes.'"

Currently, Oklahomans are able to "show support" for Fallin's stance by signing up for a newsletter to receive more information.

"I support Governor Mary Fallin and the coalition of community leaders and medical professionals in their effort to reduce smoking-related deaths and illnesses, and to combat the dangers of secondhand smoke," the site reads.

Fallin will need at least 82,782 supporters to sign her petition in order for it to become a state question.

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