Moore tornado timeline: Looking back 6 months later on the EF-5 that hit Oklahoma May 20, 2013

MOORE, Okla. - It's 2:56 p.m. May 20, 2013 -- and it's here.

A massive tornado is on the ground racing toward Moore.

In its path is Briarwood Elementary School.

With sustained winds of more than 200 miles an hour the EF-5 twister bore down on the school.

Amanda Smith's son Joey rode out the storm beneath a bathroom sink.

"He said a huge cinder block actually hit the sink he was under, and my mother asked him, you know, 'Did you hear it hit the sink? Did it fall through?' He said, 'No, but I thought I was going to die,'" said Amanda.

Amazingly no one at Briarwood died. But the twister had another school in its sights -- Plaza Towers Elementary.

By this point the storm had weakened slightly but was still packing plenty of punch as it rolled through the school, reducing much of it to rubble.

Joshua Hornsby prayed that his daughter would be OK.

"I know she's going to be all right," said Joshua. "God's going to keep her safe if she's in there or wherever she's at. God's going to keep her safe and bring her home to me."

That would not be the case.

Joshua's daughter was among the seven children killed inside Plaza Towers.

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Meanwhile, the storm continued its 20-mile path across Moore and the surrounding area, snapping power lines and demolishing homes.

Finally, at 3:36 p.m. the twister lost strength and retreated into the clouds.

Twenty-five people died, more than 350 were injured, but the 40 minutes of hell were finally over.

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