Boy killed after he was run over by a July 4th parade float in Edmond, Oklahoma

EDMOND, Okla. (AP) -- Authorities say a boy has died after he was run over by a float at the end of a Fourth of July parade in central Oklahoma.

Edmond Police Officer James Hamm says the boy was riding on a martial arts group's float at the city's LibertyFest parade on Thursday morning.

Hamm says the boy fell or got down from the float at the end of the parade and was struck by the same vehicle. The float was driven by the boy's father.

Authorities in Edmond, just north of Oklahoma City, interviewed the father and don't expect any charges to be filed.

Hamm says the incident was an unfortunate, freak accident.

Police identified the child Friday as 8-year-old Aidan Hooper.

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