Morore residents hold services held for animals lost in central Oklahoma tornadoes

MOORE, Okla. - A memorial service was held Saturday for animals that died in the wave of tornadoes that tore through central Oklahoma.

Around 100 people attended the service at the Orr Family Farm, where dozens of horses were killed in the May 20 tornado that devastated city of Moore.

"O ften the grief of losing an animal does not have an avenue to express itself, this we think gives that avenue," said Rev. Canon Susan Joplin of Saint Paul's Cathedral.

The EF5 tornado left 24 people dead, injured hundreds and caused damage or destruction to thousands of homes and businesses.  Subsequent flooding claimed at least 20 lives, according to Oklahoma's medical examiner.

Joplin tells us she wanted families who lost a pet or animal  to have a place to morn.  Pet owners planted flower bulbs in the animal's memory.

Joplin says planting the bulbs is beneficial in the healing process.

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