Power Balance Bracelets

Do they really work???

TULSA, Okla. - "They're probably the hottest item we've ever had in our store, people just can't get enough of it." said Zac Lassiter, of Midwest Sporting Good in Tulsa.

Lassiter has offered the Power Balance bracelets to customers for less than 2 years. The bracelets are rubber, lightweight, and come in multiple colors.
But Lassiter said the real reason people buy them is because, "... it allows us to use maximum amuont of energy for every task our body performs."

At Ihloff Salon and Spa at Utica Square, master stylist Randi Marshall said about 25 stylists and workers wear the bracelets.

Marshall has worn her Power Balance bracelet for about 7 months. She feels she has more energy with it on.

"My back and my feet don't hurt as bad when I have it on. I dont know if it's because my posture's better."

Hailey Rowan wears one too.

"My energy levels after I'm done working out are higher and i feel like my workouts are better." said Rowan.

Both Randi and Hailey believe the Power Balance bracelet works for them, but they weren't always so sure.

"It's one of those things when you first see it you're like oh that's totally a scam and then have it done to you and it's like oh that's crazy." said Rowan.

What Rowan's talking about is a balance test. Zac Lassiter at Midwest Sporting Goods in Tulsa is more than happy to demonstrate the test on customers.

The idea behind the test is to demonstrate the effects the Power Balance bracelet has the body's balance and performance.

Lassiter said it all has to do with a frequency burned into a hollogram on the bracelet.

MuQi Quintanilla owns Body Balance Techniques in Midtown Tulsa.

"They take this hologram at a particular frequency and match with what they percieve is someone with low energy, pain, lacks balance, that energy interacts with body's energy and creates balance." said Quintanilla.

He believes the bracelets do work on some people but are not a sure fix for serious problems and should not be used to mask pain.

"Once you remove the powerband your body goes back to the original state of imbalance it was before." said Quintanilla.

But for professional athletes including several of the LA Lakers even Sam Bradford, the idea of extra energy and better balance is reason enough to make a fashion statement.

The Power Balance bracelets' website does say they are not guaranteed to work on everyone.
We did not conduct any scientific tests on our own, nor did we find that any big studies had been done on the bracelets.




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