Why 'convenience' fees make ticket prices soar when you buy online or over the phone

TULSA - Most recently Mike in Sapulpa got in touch to say  "Everyone needs to make a profit but this is ridiculous!  Tickets I bought recently nearly doubled in price once the convenience fee, handling fee and a $2.50 fee just to print my own ticket were tacked on!"
We checked with a spokesperson for the BOK Center.

She says the convenience fees charged on event tickets at the BOK Center are the same, or even less, than what's charged for tickets at most major arenas in the nation.

She says it's not the BOK Center but the ticketing company adding the charges; which allows the ticket provider to offer online and phone sales.

You can avoid the fees, altogether, if you go to the BOK Center box office to buy your tickets in person.

Click here to see box office hours.

You can buy tickets using either cash or credit cards.

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