Where to turn with safety concerns about household products

TULSA - Audrey is a new mom and is worried about a ridge that won't flatten out in the mattress of her daughter's new playpen.

"My daughter's safety is my number one priority and I wish it were for the companies that I purchase products from for her as well," she said.

Audrey says when she contacted the manufacturer she was told to consider a replacement or refund but she'd have to pay to ship the whole playpen back.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission through SaferProducts.gov will take complaints and the Commission says just one complaint can trigger a recall.

On CPSC.gov you can sign up to get recall alerts if the agency takes action on a product.  

CPSC officials also suggest filling out the product registration card that comes with products, or registering on the manufacturer's website.  That way the manufacturer knows how to reach you if the product you bought is recalled.

Unless there's a recall companies can make the consumer pay for shipping to get consideration for a replacement or refund.

You can also reach the Consumer Product Safety Commission by phone:  (800) 638-2772.

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