What to do if the price on the gas station sign doesnt match the price at the pump

TULSA - Lindsey says she made a special trip to get gasoline for $2.99 a gallon but was disappointed once she arrived.   She says   "I was super excited, we get there and the sign also says $2.99. The pump says $3.09 so I go in and ask them to give me their advertised price on gas. They tell me that they can't."
Not so according to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission which says gas stations have to give customers the price posted on their sign.

The Commission takes complaints of this kind and generally an inspector will be out within 24 hours to check out any problems.

Click here to see how to submit a complaint concerning gasoline or diesel either by email or fax.   You can also call  the Corporation Commission:  (800) 522-8154

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