Warning: Deceptive travel promotions leading into the holiday travel season

TULSA - The offers can come in the mail, by fax, phone or email.

Shannon in Owasso got in touch to say, "I received an 'award' notice saying I won two round-trip airline tickets.  I called the number and they want me to come to a meeting with my credit card in hand."

At first glance the slip Shannon received looks similar to a boarding pass and says "flight coupon."

BBB officials say the airline listed on the paperwork "US Airlines" is a phony name and they're already seeing instances where crooks have started using American Airlines in their mailings, but it's not the real AA.

The BBB says taking two steps will keep you from being taken:

1)  Get the names for all airlines, hotels and cruise lines seemingly being offered and contact those companies directly.   Generally you'll find that too-good-to-be-true offer is just that.

2)  Get every detail of the offer, refund and cancelation policy in writing before you write a check or give any credit card information.

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