Viewers turn to 2NEWS with lingering questions about how the Affordable Care Act impacts Oklahomans

TULSA - Roger Flippo and other licensed certified agents are the answer to our first viewer question.

John, in Okmulgee, wrote to ask: "Do you know of someone a person can sit down with and be guided through the new health care law selection process?"

We do and the help is completely free.

Says Flippo: "We do this because we are advocates for the consumer."

On the National Association of Health Underwriter's ( website people can search by zip code for an agent.

That's also where more than 7,000 Oklahomans can turn who have been notified their individual coverage is about to be canceled.

Patricia posted about the problem on Facebook, saying "I just got a letter today saying that my husband and I are being dropped by Insure Oklahoma on 12/31 of this year."

An Insure Oklahoma official says the insurance premium assistance program was funded with state tobacco tax money and matching federal funds but by the entire program is slated to go away next year, leaving people to search the marketplace for coverage.

And David in Claremore wrote to say he's heard that because Oklahoma opted out of creating a state exchange Oklahomans do not qualify for the subsidies intended to cut down on insurance costs.

That's not the case, at least for now, though a lawsuit could change that.

Currently on the federal exchange, an agent can help you choose the right insurance plan. That's also where you are supposed to be able to get a calculation of how much of a subsidy you'll get.

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