Viewer held responsible for someone else's cell phone bill

Jill Henry says during the summer she went to a local AT&T store to close an account she shared with two other people and open one of her own.
She says she was told, instead, she could just transfer responsibility of the other two lines to the other two cell users     "They told me essentially it takes the lines and the bills associated with those lines and it transfers the responsibility to another party."
She thought it was a done deal until four months later when she says   "I open this bill and all of a sudden I have a bill in my hand for almost $500.    $500 for lines that are not mine and for lines that were transferred as per the instructions I was given from AT&T."
Jill says she called AT&T right away but she found she couldn't even access the account or see any details because she was told the account was closed.
She says   "I said; that doesn't seem fair or right that you expect me to pay a bill for which I have no itemization and she said; well I can tell you that all the charges that are on there are associated with those other, two, numbers.    I said is there some sort of dispute department, somewhere you can send me.  And she basically told me, no."
That's when Jill turned to the 2NEWS Problem Solvers.
AT&T researched the account.   As it turns out a transfer of responsibility requires both parties to sign off on the change.   For one person to cut the billing ties the whole account does need to be closed and a new one opened.
After looking at the situation AT&T zeroed out the $500 bill adding an apology for any misunderstanding.   Which makes Jill a very happy, and relieved, customer.
AT&T provided this statement:
"We apologize for any misunderstanding, and we have addressed this situation with our customer."
"We want to ensure customers are aware that we cannot transfer account billing responsibility to a third party without the clear consent of the third party.  We encourage customers who have questions about their account management options to visit our website at or access the MyATT app from their smartphone.  For customers interested in controlling their usage or spending, there are a number of tools available at"
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