Victims targeted with bogus USPS charges

TULSA, Okla. - Wait to you hear what officials tell me the money is funding!

Our story starts with charge after charge on Tracey's debit card statement.

$88.75 six times, one right after another.

Then another $53 charge to top it off.

A total of $585 in unauthorized charges.

All from click 66100611.

Tracey emailed us to say,  "The bank cancelled my card and will credit my account. I never use my debit card on the internet, so I don't know how the crooks got my card number."

We asked a regional post office rep to check it out.

She says victims like Tracey have most likely had their account numbers stolen, the crooks have used the money to buy postage through the office's click and ship service, where you can legitimately buy postage on-line.

The rep tells me that postage is most likely used to ship packages internationally, or, and this may be the worst part, to mail scam letters to more potential victims.

The best advice?
Check your bank and credit card statements on a regular basis, and immediately notify your bank or card company of any unauthorized charges.
The postal service wants to know about it too.

Report it by going to, click on postal inspectors, then investigations, followed by mail fraud.
Use that form to file a complaint.


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