Utility work damages yard; homeowner can't get it repaired

McALESTER, Okla. - What once was a well-manicured, award-winning lawn in McAlester is now anything but, says Debra.

This McAlester homeowner showed us big clumps of rye grass, ruts and rocks, all of which came after contractors for Center Point Gas, based in Houston, replaced gas lines in Debra's yard and across town at the end of last year.

Debra says all the crew did was throw out some of that winter rye seed.

She says she's tried for four months to get the contractor to repair her yard without any luck.

"I just felt like I was talking in one ear, going out the other," she said.

Debra finally had a local landscaper give her an estimate to restore the yard to the way it was before.  It included bermuda sod, the type of grass she originally had, as well as dirt work for proper drainage.
The estimate came to more than $4,000.

Debra told the gas company's contractor about the estimate.

"He wasn't going to pay a dime, they weren't going to come back, weren't going to do anything else, they had spent too much time here," she said.

Debra kept detailed notes about all her calls regarding the lawn, including names of the people she talked to and when along with their responses.

We got in touch with a gas company representative in Houston and passed along that information.

In less than a week, crews restored Debra's lawn to the way it was and she says she couldn't be happier.

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