Typo partly to blame for refund delay

TULSA, Okla. -  He says he was due a refund from his electric service out in western Oklahoma.

"Some people started giving me the runaround."

After moving to Tulsa, Kelvin says he tried for more than two months to get his $211 from the electric company out there.

"I made numerous telephone calls, which was getting to be kind of ridiculous."

Eventually Kelvin called the 2News Problem Solvers.

The electric company told me refunds usually don't take so long.

But for some reason in this case, it took a while for the initial refund to be processed.

Then, a typo in Kelvin's address caused the refund check to be returned.

Now though, Kelvin finally has his money.
So a similar situation doesn't happen to you, it's important to double check your forwarding address and other information when changing service and you're due a refund.

And when calling customer service for any company, be sure to keep detailed notes about those calls, including the date and time as well as the representative's name, ID number and phone extension.

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