TV/phone bill more costly than expected

TULSA -  Wilma says she's been fighting over her AT&T bill since the first month of her service.

"I was just stressed out," Wilma tells us.

Wilma says after her Uverse TV and phone service was first installed, it didn't work.

And when it did work, she wasn't getting the channels she says she was promised.

Then, her first bill was $211, instead of the $140 she was expecting, as indicated on her service order.

"They had corrected part of it, but not all of it," Wilma says.

Wilma says she wasn't about to pay money she didn't owe, for services that weren't correct.

Wilma says she was told several times it would all be resolved.

Instead, her bill shot up to $300, which she paid, so her service wouldn't be cut off.

Wilma says she figured she should have owed only about $100.

Wilma told us, "I wasn't mad, I was just frustrated."

We got in touch with supervisors at AT&T to see if they could help clear up any confusion about Wilma's account.

They went through all those months of bills, and when all was said and done, AT&T sent Wilma a $200 refund.

When you sign up for a new service, find out if you'll be under contract for a certain amount of time.

And be sure to keep all of your paperwork, including exactly what the service includes, and what you'll be expected to pay.

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