Tulsans: Just days left to have your old trash can hauled off for free

TULSA - If you're not using it for storage or composting and want your trash collector to haul away your old trash can you need to get it to the curb before Nov. 1.

Tulsa city officials say put it at the curb, empty, on your trash day and be sure to label it with a sign that says "trash."

If you decide to get rid of it after Nov. 1 you can still put it at the curb but it will also need one of the orange refuse stickers.

The city sent 10 of the stickers to all trash and recycling customers.

Once you use the free ones you can buy more at Tulsa area QuikTrips.  Five stickers cost $2.50.

The price is the same for the green waste stickers if you need to get rid of yard waste that doesn't fit in your trash can.

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