Tulsa businessman's donation a life-saving gift that's 'Making a Difference'

TULSA - Debbie Rippy first got a dreaded diagnosis: Breast cancer.
Then the news her treatment would last six and a half weeks, five days a week.  

"It's in the middle of the day, every day," said Rippy.
Unable to drive herself to and from her radiation treatments, Rippy found the American Cancer Society's (ACS) Road to Recovery program.   

"It has been a blessing, to know that others care," said Rippy.

This day it's Betty Sharp, one of the Cancer Society's Road to Recovery volunteers, driving Rippy.   

"I feel like I have a new best friend right here," she said.

Sharp completely understands the journey Rippy is on.  She was on the same Road to Recovery and is now 13 years cancer free.
Last year the Tulsa-area American Cancer Society provided 2,000 rides for cancer patients who otherwise could not make it to treatment.

"The Road to Recovery program actually does mean the difference between life and death for some patients that we transport," said Gail Sams with the American Cancer Society.

The problem:  The ACS's two existing vehicles are aging and have mechanical problems.

An ACS volunteer decided to reach out to Regal Car Sales and Credit in hopes of getting a donation toward buying a new vehicle.   Owner Bob Mulkey felt moved to do much more.  

"Then as I read more into what they do and everything decided, heck, let's just go ahead and give a car," said Mulkey.

Cancer Society staff were able to pick out any van on Regal's lot.  They chose a 2005 model worth $11,000.

"Well, for what those people have to go through, this is very small," said Mulkey.

Then Tulsa's Outlaw Kustomz Tint wrapped the van for free.   So everyone who sees it knows how the special donor, volunteers and the American Cancer Society are all Making a Difference.

Click here
to find more information about the ACS Road to Recovery program (http://bit.ly/HD7ufP).

Click here to see how to get involved and volunteer with the American Cancer Society (http://bit.ly/b3ggAl).

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