Treadmill repair; owner runs out of patience

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. -   A walk on her new treadmill is the perfect exercise, MaryAnn says, after getting a pacemaker.

"I like it a lot, it's got all the features I want."

But MaryAnn says she struggled to get past big problems with the first  treadmill she bought last June.

  The $1500 treadmill she bought back then wouldn't power up, along with several other issues.

"It worked fine for a few months, then I started having problems with it."

   Since the local dealer where MaryAnn bought the treadmill went out of business, she started dealing with the manufacturer and its warranty last fall.

"I haven't been able to use it much."

 MaryAnn says the company, Spirit Fitness, sent repair techs out three times, with no success.

"It's just been a nightmare, they keep replacing parts and it doesn't work right, I don't feel like I should have to deal with this."

  Mary Ann exercised patience as long as she could, then called the 2News Problem Solvers, and we got in touch  with the manufacturer.

   A rep told me they'd look into the situation, and make sure MaryAnn was satisfied.

  A couple of days later, the company delivered on its promise, delivering a brand new, updated treadmill.
"I was thrilled, I was excited to get it taken care of finally after spending all that money, it was great to have it taken care of."

 Before you buy an item, know what the warranty covers.

Sometimes a replacement will be a refurbished item, not brand new.

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