There's a second wave of robocalls targeting people with a fake free offer

The real company,  Life Alert, posts several notices on its website warning people about the fraudulent calls.
Three of our viewers have reported getting the calls just this week.
Joyce in Haskell got one that appeared to be from the 405 area code.    She says   "I keep receiving phone calls targeting those over 60 for free Life Alert equipment plus $3,000 in groceries just for trying the service."
This is the second time these callers have targeted people in our area.
The robocalls try to convince people either they're going to get free equipment or that someone else has paid for Life Alert for them.
The claim is that all that's needed to activate is a credit or debit card number.
Those who've fallen for it quickly see monthly charges of around $34.
Life Alert officials say do not press one and do not give any financial information.
Instead hang up and head to to report the call. You can also phone in your complaint by calling 1-888-382-1222.
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