The worst credit cards of 2012

TULSA - explains what to watch out for when considering which credit card you apply for so you don't end up in a costly mistake.

A spokesperson says the bad offers stand out even more right now because there are so many attractive offers on the market right now.

The worst credit cards have high annual fees ranging from $75 to nearly $500 just for the privilege of getting the card.

Also watch out for high APRs, the annual percentage rate, meaning the interest you'll pay on any balance.

With a credit score that's average to good you should expect to get an APR from around 13 to 17 percent.

Many cards offer introductory rate promotions of 0% interest for a certain numbers of months or even years.

Card Hub says the less valuable offers have short introductory periods of only six months, or less, plus high balance transfer fees for rolling over a balance from another credit card.

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