City of Tulsa's new trash rules

TULSA - Tulsa's changing trash service comes with a lot of new rules about how residents toss their trash.

Residents with Tulsa's new trash and recycling service should have received a booklet called "Know your TRASH" and ten, orange,  'extra refuse stickers'.

To be sure all of your trash and recyclables are collected: Trash has to be bagged and placed in the gray carts.  Recyclables go in the blue cart; no bag needed. Click here to see a list of items that can be recycled, curbside, and the items you cannot put in your blue cart.  

You have to use the city of Tulsa trash cart and bags that don't fit in the cart have to have one of the 'extra refuse stickers' or they won't be collected.

Green waste, like branches and yard debris, has to be bundled in sections no larger than 4'x2' and must have a 'green waste' sticker attached.

Cart handles need to face away from the street. City officials say that's because the carts are serviced by automated trucks.   Although for a while you may still see the refuse collectors manually emptying your carts.   A spokesperson says that's because right now five of the trucks still don't have the arms, called tippers, but 11 others are fully automated.

Cart lids have to be completely closed. And carts also have to be at least three feet away from anything else; that includes other carts, vehicles, phone poles and trees.  This is also so the automated trucks can empty your carts.

Once you use all ten of the free 'extra refuse stickers' provided by the city you can buy more at Tulsa area QuikTrips. Five stickers cost $2.50.   Green waste stickers are also available at QTs for the same price.

And as those autumn leaves start falling the city will provide free green-waste collection in November, December, and January. Just put your sticks and leaves into clear, or transparent, bags and put them out with your trash cart.  No green waste stickers are required during those three months.

Click here to see the collection schedule for trash and recycling. 

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