The Better Business Bureau issues a warning: No federal program to pay bills

TULSA - Much of the country is suffering from high temperatures and drought conditions.  It's taking a toll on utility bills and a fake offer could tempt you to try and get help.
The Better Business Bureau says people are getting calls or text messages claiming a federal program will pay your utility bills.

We've heard from people in Green Country who have gotten the calls.

The caller may claim to be with your electric company and asks for your social security number and bank routing information.    Don't give the information.  There is no federal program in place to pay everyone's utility bills.

Handing over social security and banking info is just asking to become a victim of identity theft and having your bank account cleaned out.

If you get the call or text and still have any doubts hang up and call the customer service number on your utility bill.

Click here to read the information provided by the Better Business Bureau.

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