Tax refund fiasco

TULSA, Okla. -  Deanna has a paper trail that shows proof, she says, of a twisted situation.   

The papers show information about three things.

Deanna's $3,000 federal tax refund, her recent divorce, and a levy placed on a joint bank account she had with her ex who left her and hasn't been located.

The Department of Human Services froze that joint account, put a levy on it, because Deanna's ex owed more than $8,000 in back support to yet another ex.

 As for Deanna's tax refund, she says, "Through a clerical error, the IRS refund was put into the account with a levy on it."

And now, her $3,000 was available for DHS to garner and pay toward  that back child support owed by her ex.

Deanna says  would be against her divorce decree and would be devastating, to both her and her 16 year old son.

She says she tried for nearly a month to get DHS to release the money.

"My son wasn't going to get what he needed, my bills weren't going to get paid, we were going to suffer."

We got in touch with the child support division of DHS.

Later that day, a rep told us a court hearing was quickly  set to help Deanna clear up the situation.

After that hearing, Deanna got her $3,000 dollar tax refund out of the frozen account.

"Oh my God, that was amazing, my bills have now been paid off."

Having all of her paperwork in order helped us help Deanna and she  says she'll continue to keep her paper trail in a safe place.

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