Students stand up against bullying and are Making a Difference

TULSA - Bullying hurts and we hear about it every day.

On the 12th anniversary of the Columbine shootings we see how students in Skiatook are wrapping their school and their community in kindness.

Nick Basore is a 6th grader at Skiatook's Newman Middle School and taking part in the anti-bullying efforts. He says "It's helping everybody with the way they're bullying people, helping them stop and kind of changing everybody's lives."

The students at Skiatook's Newman Middle School are meeting "Rachel's Challenge" which is a project in memory of Rachel Scott. She was the first of 13 victims in the Columbine High School Massacre. It came to light in the aftermath the two shooters had endured years of bullying before turning on classmates and teachers.

8th grader Shyann Floyd says "I know for a fact people are being bullied and they always have been. And I know how it feels to be bullied, and it's not a good feeling."

Life skills teacher Kelly Phillips issued the challenge to set off a chain reaction of kindness and it's exploding. She says "I feel like it's making a difference because it's like the buzz word around here the whole month." She goes on to say "Each of our classes are making 'Chains of Kindness'. Everyday if you perform an act of kindness, go out of your way to help someone you get to fill out a chain link. Everyday I have students that are getting on the intercom and discussing different topics about the Columbine shooting, bullying, or Rachel's challenge topics. On April 20th each of the classes are meeting outside to combine each of our chains together. Our Goal is wrap these 'Chains of Kindness' around our Middle School. This has been very powerful for our school and we are really seeing the effects of "Chain Reactions of Kindness!"

Students write notes about random acts of kindness.

Ashlyn Evans tells about some of the simple ways she makes a difference for other students "I've invited kids to my table more often. Said hi and everything like that."

The notes telling about good deeds are then stapled to form links in a chain With the goal of wrapping the entire school in a chain of kindness.

Floyd says "It's mind blowing we can do it."

6th grader Brandon Whiteley says "If you're kind to someone else then your friends might come in and be kind to other people. And it just keeps on going and going until it's a non-stop process until the whole world is just nice to each other."

You'll believe it's possible when you see the chain held by students in a circle around the outside of the school.

On the 12th anniversary of the Columbine massacre, April 20, 2011, Newman middle school students lock their school up in a chain reaction of their own kindness.

A link joins a link.

One good deed sparks another to make a world of difference.

Click here to learn more about Rachel's Project and how you can get your school involved.

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