Stopping robocalls: New law set to go into effect

Those pre-recorded telemarketing calls have gotten off the hook.
The FTC reports complaints about robocalls jumped 70% last year.
The national Do Not Call list has proved to be no match for unscrupulous people using the modern technology to spam-dial thousands of phones a minute even though they face a $16,000 fine for doing it.
There is help on the horizon; starting September the FTC says robocalls will be illegal.
And the FCC has tightened loopholes that let a lot of pre-recorded calls slip through to cell phones.
The expert advice to fighting robocalls is to hang up.   Don't speak, don't press "one", just hang up.
Then report each call on   It's a moving target because robocallers frequently change or spoof their numbers but it's still better than doing nothing.
And be aware companies that already have your permission to contact you are exempt and so are political calls.
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