Spammers cashing in on your Facebook actions

TULSA - Just by liking a picture or post you could be sending spam on its way to trick others -- social media spam,using your actions for profit.

We've all seen them: Pictures with tens of thousands of "likes" and a caption that promises something amazing for posting a certain word, phrase or just hitting the "like" button on the post.

The Better Business Bureau warns they're just a way for shady businesses to make money off your actions on Facebook.

One post features a man on a cliff in front of a bear.  The poster urges people to comment "jump" and sit back to see what happens. 

Thousands of people did.  Nothing happened, except the spammers page ranking with Facebook got a big boost.  The higher the ranking the more likely the spammers can sell the page.

A similar ploy:  A photo of a sick child with a caption saying every "like" equals a dollar donation.  It's not the case.  It's spam.

So keep scrolling and you can report them when you see them by reporting the post as spam. 

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