Simple steps that give you big protections

TULSA - You can get practically anything on the internet but you don't want to spend your hard earned cash on stuff that may be stolen or non-existent.

Sticking to a few simple steps and a little homework will keep your holidays bright.

Try to always deal with trusted web sites or people you can deal with locally.

Never wire funds. It's best to use credit cards for online shopping.

Never give out your social security number or banking information when buying something online.

Put Google to work for you. By typing in a seller's email address or in some cases a serial number you can find the warning signs that will keep you from making a costly mistake.

Report online fraud:
FTC Online Complaint Form
FTC Toll Free Hotline 877 382-4357 (877 FTC-HELP)
Candadian PhoneBusters Hotline: 888-495-8501
Local Police Non-Emergency Number

You can also check out items at if you have a serial number for the item.

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