Scheme uses Medicare to target seniors

TULSA, Okla. - "I think they're a bunch of scam artists, and thieves, low lives."

Tough talk from Kenneth, a senior citizen we talked to today, about the crooks calling and trying to convince seniors to give up their banking information, so they can raid and empty their account.

Kenneth and his wife got one of those calls.

"She said we're redoing medicare cards and we need some information."

The Oklahoma Bankers Association says callers try to scare seniors into thinking they'll lose their Medicare, if they don't cooperate.

The crooks can get a lot of your personal information from public records which makes them sound very convincing.

Some seniors have given up their bank account number, losing hundreds, even thousands of dollars in the scam.

"If it was Medicare, they would have had the information," Kenneth tells us.

Luckily,  he and his wife said no and hung up the phone.

But they understand how some folks could fall victim to those callers.

"She was slick, she knew the name and everything, she was just real easy to talk to, she sounded like she was legitimate, really."

Here's what you need to remember.

Medicare will never call you, any notifications come by mail.

Medicare is not issuing new cards.

And never give your personal and financial information to anyone over the phone.

LIFE Senior Services, which deals with issues facing seniors, has a guide with information on how to guard against schemes like this one.

You can find it on their website,

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