Researching search engine results: How accurate are your search results?

TULSA - Just a few keystrokes and in a moment pages and pages of results.

Search engines are great tools but you can't assume the top results are the best sites.

The Federal Trade Commission suggests always starting at the end, meaning the end of any Web address:

-- .com means a commercial site
-- .gov is a government site
-- .org will be some sort of charity operation though those have to be carefully scrutinized too 

You can research charities on

If you find something interesting get back to searching by typing a company, product or the full website into a search engine and the words "review," "complaint" or "scam" and look at those results.

Other consumers may be able to warn you off from bad deals or organizations.

If the website address has versions of brand names or familiar words with slight misspellings, FTC officials say those aren't mistakes but rather fraudulent sites trying to draw you in.

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