Making a Difference: Local couple turns to OPDA for help

TULSA - It's a favorite pastime for Janice and Bob Thompson -- a playful game of cards.

It's one of the few activities Bob can still enjoy after he was diagnosed with Parkinson's six years ago.

"Bob is a different person now than he was in 2007," said Janice.

He's seen his tremors get worse. Along with his ability to speak.

"My balance and especially my strength is reduced," said Bob.

But through all of it, Bob never fights the disease alone thanks to his wife and one very special group.

"Without the Parkinsons Disease Association I'd pretty much be homebound," said Bob.

The Oklahoma Parkinson's Disease Association is a group of volunteers that tries to help people like Bob.

They helped him find the right doctor, physical therapist, and helped him connect to others fighting Parkinson's.

"If they don't know what the next step is, we're there to help make this journey a little easier," said Jennifer Johnson of OPDA.

By helping people like Bob, OPDA also helps their spouses.  

As Bob's primary caretaker, Janice felt overwhelmed at first.

"Having the resources available to us has made a huge difference in my life," said Bob.

Bob believes the resources he found through OPDA help slow down the disease's progression and that helps him win a few card games too.

For more information on OPDA, click here

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