No trash service for 5 months

TULSA - Sherrie owns a rental house in Tulsa and plans to fix it up.

But she's had a problem with the trash service there, or lack of it, since October.
Sherrie says, "I just don't feel I should have to pay for a service I didn't receive."
When Sherrie turned on water service at the house, she was told she had to pay for trash service too.

She ordered the 64 gallon trash container, but after several days, it hadn't arrived.
"I called them and said I haven't gotten a trash can yet, they said it takes 3 to 4 weeks, you should be getting it anytime," Sherrie says.
A month went by, then another and another.

Five months in all.

And each month, Sherrie says she called, since she was charged for trash service each of those months.

Still no trash can and no trash pickup.
"I've tried to get them to take the charges of my bill because I haven't used it."
But Sherrie says she didn't have any success, so we called the city.

A representative looked into Sherrie's situation, and told me her account showed she had indeed called every month.

So the city credited her account $73.

If you have a city related issue, call the Mayors Action Line, and make sure you get a case number.

That allows you to follow the progress of getting your issue resolved.
As for Sherrie, not only did she get that credit, her trash container was delivered, too.

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