2NEWS Problem Solvers contacted after Internet refund problem

TULSA, Okla. - Wrenches and other tools: Robert ordered several of them online.

When they never arrived, he called and found out a typo in his address caused the $240 order to be undeliverable and canceled.

Robert told us, "I changed the address and still did not receive them. I've had three telephone conversations with them and correspondence thru emails. Because of the problems I canceled the order. They were supposed to reimburse my credit card three weeks ago, but that hasn't been done."

After Robert contacted us for help, a company rep researched the order.

It wasn't long until Robert received his refund.

Remember, when ordering online, always keep a copy of your order, and make sure it has a confirmation number.

And when calling about a problem with an order, always keep detailed notes, including the name and ID number of the people you talk to.

Those details helped get Robert his refund.

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