New tactic to get you to open your bank account

TULSA - The letter you may receive in the mail promises $80,000 from a mystery settlement.   Banking experts say often the company name, and bank name, on the check are those of legitimate businesses.  The person behind it all tries to use those good names to get people comfortable enough to take the bait.
The letter adds a new twist in trying to get you to cash the enclosed check.   It claims there's a law preventing you from paying the fees necessary to collect the big bucks from your personal money; you have to cash the check and pay from that money.

By cashing the check you're potentially opening your bank account info to the sender to swoop in and clean you out.

You're also pressured to call an agent before cashing the check.   Both opening yourself to high-pressure tactics and giving them a heads-up you're about to fall for the ploy.

You should write void on the check and turn it, along with the letter and envelope, over to USPS for investigation.

You can go to your nearest post office or click here to file an online complaint.

You can also Google the name of the company and/or bank listed on the check along with the word "complaint".   It will often pull up complaints and information from other people who've received the same mailing.

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