2NEWS Problem Solvers: 2 years of mystery charges appear on store credit card

TULSA - We found Erin and her daughter spending a summer morning on their living room couch, reading a book, a tall tale about a superhero.

Erin tells us she has quite an unbelievable story of her own to tell, about months and months of mysterious credit card charges.

"They just started popping up on my bill," Erin said.

She bought a cellphone and warranty from Best Buy two years ago. Soon after, Erin canceled the warranty, as her contract allowed her to do.

"The warranty was not taken off our bill, we were continually getting charged for the cellphone warranty we had canceled," she said.

Erin's statements show she was charged not for just one warranty some months, but sometimes even two, four, or six charges a month.

She says she'd call several times a month to correct her problem, but didn't see results from Best Buy, or Capital One, which services Best Buy's credit card accounts.

"I tried to call in and say I wanted to cancel my Best Buy account and was threatened if I canceled my account, those charges would still need to be charged somewhere and it could ruin my credit," Erin told us.

So Erin says she felt pressured to keep paying those monthly charges for nearly two years, which she says amount to more than $1,200.

Finally, Erin called the 2News Problem Solvers, and we got in touch with Best Buy.

A representative quickly worked with Capital One, which recently took over the store's credit card accounts, to resolve Erin's two-year-long credit nightmare.

"As of right now, they have refunded me about $1,700, it did not take very long," Erin tells us.

That $1,700 includes interest on the money Erin had paid.

So now, when it comes to her credit horror story, Erin's relieved she's finally reached "the end."

If you ever find yourself pressured into a financial situation like Erin, you can file a complaint and ask for help from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

You can find the website here (http://1.usa.gov/1aRwvWD)

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