Monthly social security benefits stolen

TULSA, Okla. - When Lois' social security direct deposit never showed up in her bank account last month, her granddaughter, Monte, tried to find out what happened.

"They said you should get your money shortly, I said ok," Monte says.

But the $1,500 still did not show up.

So Monte called several more times, talked to several more people.

"Each story was different," Monte told us.

After a five hour visit to the social security office, Monte says she eventually found out someone had apparently hacked into her grandmother's social security benefits account, and requested that her payment be changed from a direct deposit to a prepaid debit card, which was stolen.

Still, the replacement check Monte says they were promised three times, never arrived.

"The last time, I had a total meltdown."

We got in touch with the Social Security Administration and it wasn't long until Lois finally had her money.

There are some ways to make your account, or a loved one's, more secure.

One. You can ask social security to put a special password on your account.

Two.  You can handle your account on-line.

The Social Security Administration says it's beefed up it's on-line security.

Or three. You can place a message on your account saying any changes must be done in person, at a local social security office.

"It's a relief for my family." Monte says.

She and her grandmother just hope the steps they're taking makes Lois' social security income, more secure.


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