Miscoded urgent care bill costs patient

TULSA - Just before Carla went to an urgent care last December, she quickly checked on-line, to make sure it was in-network with her insurance plan.

She found that it was, and even printed the information for her records.
But a couple weeks after her visit, Carla says she was surprised, and "very mad, very mad."

Carla received a bill, saying she owed $248, even though her co-pay was just $30, which she paid the day of her visit.

"It stated I was responsible for the whole bill and it was all out of network," Carla told us.

Carla says she called Starmark, the company that handles her insurance, and sent them her proof that the urgent care was indeed in-network.

Carla found the urgent care, operated by Warren Clinic and St. Francis,  had miscoded the claim, saying it was out-of-network.

Starmark said the claim would have to be corrected and resubmitted, but months later, the issue still wasn't resolved.

"It's been hanging over our head since Christmas."

We touched base with a St. Francis representative, who helped get to the bottom of Carla's billing dispute.

Eventually, any confusion between the hospital and insurance company was cleared up, the bill was paid, and Carla's account balance, was zeroed out.

Carla says she'll keep double checking before hand, to make sure a doctor or facility is in-network.

And she'll keep those records in a safe place, in case she ever runs into the same kind of problem, again.


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