Making a Difference: Legacy of Hope Dog Rescue, photographer, save lives one photo at a time

TULSA - In just a few years, Sherry Stinson has taken more than 30,000 pictures of animals.

Thirty-thousand animals--all needing a home.

"God gave me a talent to take pictures and dogs and cats are near and dear to my heart. So I want to help get them out of the shelters," Sherry said.

A dog named "Monster" in an Oklahoma City shelter was scheduled to be put down three times.

Then Legacy of Hope Dog Rescue in Tulsa took her in. A name change and a photo was all "Cookie Monster" needed to find a loving family.

"When you have a cute dog in a cute pose showing its personality it's 100-times more adoptable," said Legacy of Hope Dog Rescue founder Christina Guerra.

Before Sherry stepped up, with a camera in hand, Christina struggled to find a home for the animals.

"We wouldn't be half as successful as we are if it weren't for her," Christina said. 
Sherry travels--on her own dime-- to shelters all around the region, donating her time and photos and saving lives in the process.

In its very first year Legacy adopted out 180 dogs.  Right now, there are 25 pets waiting to find a home.

"I'll know it's a job well done when I'm no longer needed," Sherry said.

For now she is needed, loved and definitely Making a Difference.

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