Lion King Cast making a difference by helping Tulsa's homeless at Tulsa Day Center

TULSA - It's a show so good it can give you chills, but The Lion King can also put its performers to the test.

"It's a lot," said cast member John Sloan. "Eight shows a week, 52 weeks a year."

Yet somehow during the Lion King's one month stay in Tulsa, the performers find the time to give back.

"Because we're blessed to be artists that means we have the obligation to bless somebody else with our gifts," said Sloan.

Sloan sings in the Lion King's ensemble cast. He's also an understudy for the one of the show's hated hyenas.

But on this day he's loved by Tulsa's homeless. He's serving them ice cream at the Tulsa Day Center.

"It's awesome," said Adam Benjamin, who lives at various Tulsa shelters. "I love the fact that they're willing to take the time out of their day to come in and bless us with some ice cream."

Sloan started what he calls the Helping Hands campaign in 2011, rounding up many of the cast members on each stop of the tour to find a way to help each community.

And they're not just serving ice cream at the center, they're giving it money as well.

Several of the cast members performed in a benefit concert last week raising more than $8,000 for the Day Center.

"Every day that we do something, every person that we touch, is somebody's life that hadn't been reached the day before," Sloan said.

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