Late filing? The IRS may owe you money

TULSA, Okla. - If or some reason, you didn't get your taxes filed on time, the IRS says, don't panic.

But do file as soon as possible, especially if you owe.
That'll help minimize any penalty and interest charges.

Remember, there is no late filing penalty if you're due a refund.

And while the IRS says the law doesn't allow them to waive interest charges, penalties may be waived, if you can show a good reason for filing late.

If you owe, pay as much as you can when you file your return, that'll help reduce those penalties and interest charges.

If you need more time to pay, you can set up an installment agreement to pay over time.

And if you're due a refund, you should file ASAP.

Even if you're not required to file a return, you may be entitled to a refund.
This could apply if you had taxes withheld from your wages, or you qualify for certain tax credits.

If you don't file within three years, you forfeit your refund.

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