Can you actually make money just for driving your car?

The offer sounds simple.

A company pays to wrap your car in its colors and logos and pays you hundred of dollars a week to do it.

Glenda received several such email offers and brought them to us to check out whether it's a real deal.

"Have you ever heard of car wraps for a company that will pay you $300 a week for having your car wrapped in the company's logo?"
So here's the deal. There are legitimate "brand car proposals" out there but they are few and far between.

The Better Business Bureau reports only those who drive for much of the week in a large, expensive vehicle are typically considered, and even then it may not be quite so lucrative.

The bureau also warns legitimate company names like Red Bull, Pepsi and Budweiser are used in email scams. Red Bull has even added samples of fraudulent emails to its own Web site to warn people.

Here's how it works:

Once you agree to have your car wrapped  a counterfeit check arrives. You're told to deposit it, keep several hundred dollars and forward the rest of the money to the company that will wrap your vehicle.

Generally you're told to wire the money.

Five to 10 days later, that check bounces and you'll be out your money and on the hook for any penalty fees.

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