How you're making a difference by answering our call for donations for people in central Oklahoma


Following two days of massive storms;  homes and lives wiped away.  Even the most basic supplies nearly impossible to find.
So we asked for bottled water and it came pouring in.
Larry McLain is one of those who stopped by the 2 Works for You studios with a large donation.    He says    "I have a daughter who lives in Moore.  She's ok.  Everything missed her house and everything but very well could have been her."
Over the course of just a few days we saw hundreds of our friends and family come by with donations large and small.   All making a difference.
Businesses offered to help immediately, too.    Mathis Brothers brought a box truck to fill and deliver to the Assembly of God church in Carney, Oklahoma; another of the communities hit hard along with Shawnee, New Castle and other central Oklahoma towns.
Appliance Solutions of Tulsa filled their box truck, twice.    Spokesperson Jennifer 
Tetley says  "Everyone jumps up to help.  That's just what what we do."
One of the owners made the deliveries himself.   Bob Martin says  "As bad as it is you don't see anybody feeling sorry for themselves.  They're strong, they're going, they're going to rebuild.  They're just phenomenal people.   Just working with these folks is really humbling."
Keystone Chevrolet pledged to match every donation, case for case.
Large businesses and individuals brought in more than 3,000 cases of bottled water.  Everyone has  a reason they felt moved to help, and there is a common thread.
Mike Frizell, Keystone Chevrolet, expresses it  "It's those little kids, that were in that school.  I have grandchildren of my own I don't know what I would do if it was mine."  
People compelled to give to their neighbors in need.  McLain says  "This is basically why i brought it down, because i need to."
Martin and others say they stand ready to do more   "We're blessed to be here to help them."
Sending them water and sending them love.

In addition we took in tax deductible donations to the Tulsa Community Foundation's Moore & Shawnee Tornado Relief Fund.    Those donations can still be made securely online at

The money donated will help with mid and long-range relief efforts in the months and years following these disasters.   It will help with survivor's medical costs and rebuilding the communities hit by the deadly storms.

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