Homeowner shocked over $600 gas bill

TULSA - Scott called and asked if we'd take a look at the gas meter that's connected to his home.
He says his average gas bill this time of season is $20 to$25.

So Scott knew something had to have happened to the after he received a monthly gas bill for $592.

"That kind of floored me when I got the $600 bill," Scott told us.

Here's what happened and what complicates Scott's problem.
His gas meter is on the easement between his property and the property next door, on the other side of a row of trees and a privacy fence.

It's on a vacant lot belongs to the city.
An independent contractor for the city mows that lot, and apparently, hit and damaged the meter, causing it to leak.
So Scott called the gas company about that $600 bill.

"They told me it was my responsibility."

That's when Scott called the city.
He was told he'd have to talk to the contractor about the bill.
The city rep would have the contractor get in touch with Scott.
 But Scott says he didn't hear from the contractor for several days.
Meanwhile, the due date to pay the bill was just a couple days away, and Scott says he didn't have the money, nor did he want a late payment on his record.

"The people who damage the meter should be responsible for paying the bill on it," Scott says.

We got in touch with the city about Scott's situation.
A city representative made sure  the contractor called Scott.
He did call, and the contractor made arrangements to pay the gas bill and meter repairs.

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