Grandparents targeted by scammers

TULSA -- With a gleam in their eye, Margaret and Myron will happily show you pictures of their grandkids and great-grandkids.

But a caller made them mad this week when he tried using a grandchild to rip off nearly a $1,000.

"The fact they they would do that to us, that made me angry," said Margaret.

 The caller said he was their grandson, Ethan, and he had been mistakenly arrested in another city.  The caller said he needed $975 wired to him for bail.

Since the caller had used Ethan's correct name, Margaret was convinced it was their grandson.

"I was ready to send the money," she said.

But Myron says after getting past the emotion of the call, he started thinking about it.

Myron says crooks can get information, like their name and their grandson's name, from social media and other public records.

"The further it went, the more I was convinced, there was a problem involved with it," said Myron.

Myron and Margaret were finally able to get a hold of their grandson.

He was at work, and definitely not in trouble.

They never sent any money.

One viewer, though, wasn't so lucky.  She wired $750 after receiving a similar call.

Myron and Margaret hope others can learn from their experience.

"Don't let your heart get in the way," said Magaret.

If you can't verify the situation, never give any money or information to people who cold call or email, even if they say they're a loved one.

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