Grandmother cancels insurance, still pays for it

TULSA, Okla. -  Norma ended her Farmer's Insurance coverage last October.

Still, the company's been withdrawing $55 dollar payments out of her checking account every month.

Norma says she can't afford it.

"I have other bills to pay."

The 80-year old grandmother says more than $200 have been incorrectly withdrawn so far.

And Norma's nephew says that doesn't include several overdraft charges they've caused.

William says he's talked to the agent at least six times, and claims to hear the same story.

"He informed me that they would send a check to reimburse her, this has been going on since October."

After we called the insurance company's corporate headquarters, Norma received $274, which included bounced check charges caused by those incorrect withdrawals from her account.

When you cancel a service, make sure to keep a copy of your written notification, as well as any correspondence the company sends you.

That's what helped us get Norma the refund, she deserved.

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