Give your credit profile a makeover

TULSA - Swiping that credit card can feel painless until the bills come rolling in.

The experts at bring five ways to making your credit profile more attractive this year.
Check your credit report because what you don't know can hurt you. is the place to go for your free report.

If you are denied credit you must be informed, by letter, with your credit score and what negative marks caused you to be denied.

If you're paying an interest rate of 20 percent or higher, contact your company and ask them to lower your APR.   If the answer is "no" look for a balance transfer credit card.  

You can search on and many of the cards will offer a 0 percent rate for 18 months or longer, allowing you to chisel away at your debt interest-free.

A good credit profile is one where you're only using 33 percent or less of your available credit, so make that your goal.

And contact your creditors before you get in trouble.  If you know you're going to have trouble paying your bill reach out to creditors before you've ever missed a payment.

Many will work with you to keep your business and would rather lower your interest rate or allow you to pay a little later rather than losing the whole account.

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