From promised lottery money to threats from the FBI a local couple deals with some worrisome issues

Janet says she and her husband told a caller "no" when he wanted them to send money to collect a $10.5M million dollar lottery winning; a lottery they'd never entered.

They thought it was over until an email arrived claiming to be from the FBI.
Janet says "We were actually threatened in this email and the signature at the bottom was the head of the FBI."

The email says that lottery money is already transferred into the U.S. and if Janet and her husband don't pay for a certificate through the US treasury they'll face prosecution.

They called the number listed in the email which is a New York area code.  During that call they were pressured to call another number which has a Jamaican area code.   They didn't call, they turned it all over to their local sheriff.

The FBI will never contact you by email and you should never open any attachments or click any links if you get this type of email.

Beyond that, you can report suspicious emails on which is the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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