Former renter waits 6 months for deposit refund

TULSA - We found Jan hitting the books.

She's going back to school to eventually enter the ministry.
And now that it's time for her kids to go back to school, too, Jan says she could use the nearly $300 her former apartment complex owes her.

"I really desperately need the money," Jan tells us.

Jan moved out of that apartment six months ago, after living there for three years.

Her lease shows she paid the required deposit, when she moved in.

But it's vague when it comes to the conditions under which the deposit would be refunded.

Nevertheless, Jan says she left the apartment clean.

"After many requests to have our deposit money returned, we simply were ignored," Jan says.

We got in touch with the company that owns the complex.

A representative looked into the situation.

Jan says she was told the apartment office apparently had the wrong forwarding address in her file.

But after our call, she received a check for $260.

Next time, Jan says she'll double check the information in her file, and she'll ask for more specifics when signing a lease, or any contract.

"Get your agreements in writing, get them signed, get them dated, and keep hard copy records," Jan recommends.

Good advice, since there may come a time when you need to resolve a problem, just like Jan's.

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