DVIS volunteers making a difference by helping victims of domestic violence

TULSA - Paula Fox is on her way to another day of volunteering.

She's folding clothes for rape victims who need to turn their clothes over to police.

Visiting with victims in the hospital is one of the many things she does as a volunteer for DVIS.

"Just to hold the person's hand and let them know that someone cares for them," said Paula.

She often takes them stuffed animals.

"They're very grateful," said Paula.  "We get lots of hugs at the end when they are ready to go."

Cody Walls is one of those grateful people.

She's hanging her son's artwork in her new apartment, which is provided by DVIS at a low monthly cost.

"I'm just so grateful for this place," said Walls. "They help so much. More than you could ever know."

She says her ex-husband abused her all while they were both using drugs.

She ended up in jail and DHS took away her son.

DVIS helped her re-build her life and get her son back.

"If it wasn't for this place, I don't know where I'd be right now.  Where my son would be.  Or if I'd even be alive," said Walls.

She's forever grateful to DVIS and all their volunteers, who the executive director says they couldn't function without.

"Our beginning goes back to the volunteers just recognizing the need here in Tulsa," said Tracey Lyall, DVIS Executive Director.

It's a need volunteers like Paula know is not going away.

Said Paula, "They touch you and you touch them so you know you are making a difference in their lives."

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