Do you suffer from Pin-stress because your projects don't live up to Pinterest perfection

TULSA - Megan Fenno is a lifestyle expert and a crafting queen.

She even makes and sells her own jewelry.

But even she doesn't bat 1,000 on Pinterest. She says "No matter how crafty you are there are these things on Pinterest that are just impossible to do."

Sure, she has successes. A penny table; it took 2700 coins.

A mirrored chalkboard hangs proudly in her hallway.

But she has plenty of projects that went straight to the trash.

She says the citrus vinegar cleaner stunk after a couple of days and the tiki torch mildewed immediately.

And the pin suggesting caulk to keep a rug in place? Meagan says, "Look at how it damaged the hardwood floor."

But she doesn't buy into Pin-stress, "I wouldn't beat yourself up if something doesn't work out.   I mean I do this for a living and the simplest things don't work out for me"

April Reckley has more than 11,000 pins on Pinterest. Mostly food because she says baking is her happy place, "It's kind of an addiction but I like it and it's a good stress relief for me."

And she won't let the result of a recipe change that.   As it turns out, baking is a lot like pinning April says   "You have to start somewhere.  You can't just jump into it and expect everything to be perfect.  You kinda have to learn as you go."

Megan and April say don't expect perfection and view everything as an experiment.

April says "I kinda scroll through and see what looks interesting and use it as a base for what I want to do and kinda add my own things.

You're not alone if you have more misses than hits. There are entire sites, including devoted to detailing how real life falls short of Pinterest perfection with some hilariously sharable results. And there's no better Pin-stress reliever than laughter.       

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